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Plastlabs has over 20 years of experience on MFA simulations from wide range of industrial applications: automotive, electronics, medial instruments, mobile industry, micro scale sensors and household applications. We operate on customer case studies around the clock to provide the improved results and solutions on customer projects.
As a finalization of MFA case study we supply a comprehensive report including clearly understandable description of problems and proposed improvements. Generally case study report is a combination of 15-20 page report and over 10 clearly visualizing video animations. All Plastlabs MFA simulation studies are made with latest version of Moldex3D advanced solver with utilizing accurate BLM hybrid meshing technology. Simulation simply can’t get better than that!


Plastic flow simulation is a cost effective tool on part design & injection moulding validation process. On ideal projects 1st trials are runned with simulation software to point out  the most critical bottle necks on product visual or dimensional quality. Plastlabs 5D has experience of simulating wide variety of polymers and plastic technology solutions such as multicomponent and electronics overmoulding.


Plastlabs 5D has high competence on plastic industry: automotive, electronics, healthcare. We strive to find best fit materials and design details to your projects. Plastlabs directs projects for more sustainable yet high performance engineering solutions for better products.



Plastlabs 5D is experienced on industrial plastic simulations from 2

decades. We are ready to train the latest techniques and simulation innovations for Moldex3D software packages.



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