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Produce high quality components with good consistency, the first step is to optimise the part design. Plastlabs have 2 decades of experience in the plastics industry. Plastlabs will offer solutions to improve the manufacturing feasibility either with a design change, material selection or a moulding solution. ​ Our Simulation team is experienced with multiple CAD systems (CREO / NX / CATIA). Design changes can be done in-house, Whenever deemed necessary, the new design can then be compared to the original design using injection moulding simulation. The process can be repeated until an optimum design is established.

Plastlabs Engineering Services include: ​

- Optimised part design – Better quality 

- Detailled risk assessment

- CAD geometry modifications

- Mould design modifications with explanations 

- Gate location options

- Efficient cooling layout recommendations

- Reliable advice ​​for processing parameters

- CAE/FEA analysis for plastic components with realistic material properties


Plastlabs have supported a number of companies with part design in both remote and dedicated onsite support through liaising with the product designers. This has proven to be an efficient way of minimising design loops and late changes to part design on supply of data to mould makers.


Plastlabs Material engineering services finds most suitable raw materials for your components, products and projects. Our Engineering has track proven experience from commodity to high performance and composite polymers.


Plastlabs have wide global partner network to get technical, availability and cost indication information very effectively. We keep our engineering updated by constantly searching new innovative raw materials for our projects. For new raw materials requests we start a material engineering project where we go through components, products URS, functional specifications and regulatory demands. As a finalization of material engineering project we supply list of suitable materials including physical samples from raw materials.

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